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My autographs so far,

Hey guy's i just got into this hobbie awhile ago, heres all the sucsesses i have so far,
Oliver James(2)(What a girl wants)
Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter)
Tom felton(Malfoy on Harry Potter)
Hugh Mitchel(Colin Creevy on Harry Potter)
Gemma Jones(Madam Pomfrey On harry potter)
Tobey Jones(Voice of Dobby on Harry Potter)
Angelina Jolie (tomb raider)
Jamie Kennedy (You've been X'ed)
The osbournes (Ozzy)
Jack Black(2) (Shallow hal, school of rock)
Rupert Boneham(survivor all stars-Tye dye shirt)
Jackie Chan( Martial Arts , Shanghi nights ect)
John Travolata(Grease!)
Danny Masterson (hyde from that 70's show)
Sara Jessica Parker(no idea)
Tobey Maguire(SPIDERMAN)
Seth Green(autsin powers, with out a paddle)
Ben Stiller(Zoolander)
And a letter from Alan rickmans assistant saying he will send me an autograph when they are done filming.
If you have any questions email acdc_girl2029@hotmail.com or post as a comment in my live journal
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